PTFE insulated ethernet cable

I am looking for cat5e (or cat6) ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors for extreme low temperature use.

Seems like digikey does not let me filter by insulation material for ethernet cables so it is practically impossible to find the right cable from the thousands listed.

I ideally need a cable with PTFE (teflon) insulation but any cable with a working range down to -40C will due (basically not PVC)

Any help is appreciated as for now it seems like my best option is ordering cable from a manufacturer and crimping on connectors myself.


I suspect that ordering a suitable cable stock and applying your own connectors to suit would indeed be the most straightforward option. The market for antarctic ethernet isn’t as large as that for common use, so the available selection of prefabricated cables for low-temp service probably isn’t that good, wherever one looks. Some cable stock options that you may want to consider can be found here, and 8p8c modular plugs here.

Hello @simont,

There are no PTFE options. To find the operating temp, unfortunately, each datasheet would have to be looked at. What length do the patch cables need to be? Is shielding required? Does color matter?

Please provide the info and I will check to see what we have other than PVC which is -40c or better.


Thanks for the quick replies. This is actually for a science payload on a weather balloon but Antarctica is where it is launched from so good guess there :slight_smile:

We will need a couple different lengths around the 25’ mark and less.
Shielding is not required but if thats the only option than we will take it.
Color is not important.

We need an operating range of -40C or colder and one of our cables is routed past a dynamic join so it will be bent regularly at these chilly temperatures. The join only goes through a range of 45 degrees or so and we can make the bend radius very large.

Thanks for the help!

Take a look at the cable options HERE

The temp range Installation and flexible use :-40°C (-40°F) up to + 85°C (185°F)