Flow Sensor Reccomendation

I’m building several prototypes for testing. I have 1/4 tube after other sensors. I want to add a flow sensor for QA. I tried 800-3798-ND / FS2012 GAS FLOW SENSOR EVAL KIT which worked ok. The problem is needing more flow capacity so FS2012-1100-NG would be more applicable but that component is not sold in the kit only the smaller one. My partner doing the programming has not had much experience with hardware programming. He currently has not been able to communicate interface with the kit yet. I’m trying to be economical and need it to work. Is there something better/easier?

The accuracy is not very important.
The tube is 1/4 but I can easily adapt plumbing
A simple 0-3.3 volt output based upon flow rate would be very easy to use


On first glance, it would appear that the -1020 and -1100 variants of the FS2012 are largely identical save for the full-scale reading/scaling factors, and I’d expect that the -1100 could be used with the interface provided in the dev kit for the -1020 without much difficulty. The datasheet addresses both, and suggests that I2C address are common across the two, and that the digital output word is scaled absolutely such that the interpretation of the digital data need not change depending on which of the two is in use.

Note that both appear per page 6 of the datasheet to provide an analog (0~5v) output that is proportional to full-scale flow, which could be scaled down to a 0~3.3v range using a simple voltage divider.

I appreciate your help. So I need to only use pins 1,4, and 6?

Then take the output (pin 6) to 1568-1209-ND Let me know if you have a better recommendation for the voltage divider.


Correct regarding the pin usage. 1568-1209-ND is a logic level converter, and is completely unsuitable for analog purposes however; just use a pair of resistors instead. See the calculator utility here.