Obtaining data from FS2012 Evaluation Kit

I would like to add a flow sensor to a system. I was thinking of using the FS2012 GAS FLOW SENSOR EVAL KIT. The thing is the programming, as I want to control that device via Matlab or LabView. In other words, the data from the FS2012 sensor will be correlated with data from other sensors. Is it possible to obtain data from FS2012 sensor via Matlab or LabView??


If you are using a data acquisition device somewhere in your system and have an extra analog input available, using the FS2012 sensor’s analog output would likely be the most straightforward solution.

Making use of the I2C to USB converter that came as part of the evaluation kit would likely be a bit more complicated. I have no idea what device was used to perform that function, but it seems likely that it could be accessed from Matlab or Labview in a manner similar to to how one would access a standard serial port. Your computer’s device manager should allow you to find the Product ID (PID) and Vendor ID (VID) of connected USB devices, which should be helpful in identifying and locating available documentation for the USB-I2C converter supplied with the kit.

Alternatively, one could use a third-party USB-serial cable such as a C232HM-EDHSL-0, in the event that documentation for the supplied converter is unavailable. As a general-purpose interface tool sold as such, the available documentation for it is likely to be better.