Free Sensirion USB Sensor Viewer Software

For an easy testing of Sensirion’s digital sensors, Sensirion provides a USB Sensor Stick that fits with most of the differential pressure, gas flow, liquid flow and humidity sensors.

The USB Sensor Stick is an USB to digital bus adapter. Together with the free USB Sensor Viewer software it allows plug and play testing and evaluation of all Sensirion’s sensors with I2C interface. The USB Sensor Sticks are part of various evaluation kits to allow simple testing of Sensirion’s digital sensor products. For each evaluation kit a different adapter cable is supplied to connect the sensor to the USB Sensor Stick.

The software is able to apply different resolutions, display temperature, differential pressure and flow. Absolute or relative timing may be chosen and data are displayed in graphs. The software also contains data-logging capabilities and data may be exported to Excel format.

Free Sensirion USB Sensor Viewer Software: