Front-End Vx1 for DLP

Hi everyone.

I need the V-By-One board which is 8 lanes with a 600MHz pixel clock.

I want to buy a VBO board that has HDMI input and V by one output.

I will use that for my DLP that is bought at Texas Instruments.

The DLP product name is DLPDLCR660TEVM, DLPLCRDC4422EVM.

I want to connect my computer(HDMI) and DLPLCRDC4422EVM(8 lanes) using a V by one board.

Please recommend a V by one board!



Welcome to the Tech Forum.

It does not look like we have a simple solution for you. We do carry a few development boards using THine Solutions, Inc. chips which take various inputs and convert to V-by-One outputs. However, none of them take HDMI inputs, so you would have to use an intermediary device, such as an FPGA development board to do the conversion from HDMI to a format which is compatible with one of the THine boards. This would be far from a plug-and-play solution.

It looks like a company named Socionext, a consortium of Fujitsu and Panasonic, makes a chip, the MN869125, that can do HDMI to V-by-One conversion. We don’t carry them, but perhaps you might find someone who makes a board or device using this chip which could perform the task you need.

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Hello, apologies for digging up an old thread but we are facing the same issue. AJW, did you eventually find a convenient solution for this?

Apologies for digging this up for a second time, but I am also facing the same challenge. AJW or harrison.steel, did you ever find a solution for this?