Screen adapters

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I was hoping to buy the screen I’ve linked below to use with my computer, but wondered if that’s possible? And if so, what connectors/adapters/accessories I would need to buy to hook it up to my laptop (which has HDMI and VGA outputs).

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it in advance.

That’s a raw panel, with very low resolution and price higher than a computer monitor. It would need a complete interface system to be able to use it.

I don’t know of any complete interfaces for raw panels available for purchase nowadays. If there was one it would likely cost as much as the panel and you still would need to build a housing to hold the LCD panel. That will make the total price of this 320x240 system two or three times higher than a much more capable brand new 1928x1080 or higher computer monitor.

If you want small size, look for small monitors designed for cars or commercial video security systems.

Hi @sore-eyes, is there a particular size your looking for?

I’v been using this HDMI display for a few demos and internal projects:


Here are some similar-sized displays we carry which have HDMI interfaces:

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your response. I truly appreciated it and wondered if I might throw an additional question your way?

And if so, here it is:

Are you aware of any QVGA screens that would work with a computer? And if so, where might I track them down?

It’s a really, really long story (out of respect for your time, that’s perhaps a quick summation), but I’m really trying to track down a QVGA screen to use as a monitor (again, truly, truly, truly long story; if you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll explain more). Fully aware of the resolution limitations and price being more than normal, along with the need to build housing for it.

Hi Robert,
Thank you so much for your response as well as well as your question. That’s a really good one (on me looking for a particular size). Honestly, not concerned about size, more with it being QVGA.

Hi David,
Thanks for the link. I appreciated it, though I don’t think any of those are quite what I’m looking for.

Screen list with QVGA are listed here at Digkey

I don’t know of any 320x240 displays with a VGA/DVI/HDMI. Everything I’ve seen that low res is either parallel or SPI interface.

Hi Paul, thanks so much for your insight. Truly, truly appreciate it and hope all is well.