LCD Protective Screen

Please see the attached pictures of this LCD we use on a piece of construction equipment. The LCD is surrounded by a plastic enclosure that has a plastic/acrylic face to protect the LCD. The screen is exposed to direct sunlight and rain. We have tried to obtain a supplier for this screen. The old supplier is out of business via acquisition and we don’t have the experience finding alternatives. Can someone help us with a supplier that can supply us a screen etc.? Does Digikey offer anything we can buy.

Here is some info on the suppliers that were used in the past.
60-111540A (fab lcd gasket KHD) Supplier was Press-On Tape/Gaskets
60-118272A (lcd window) Supplier was Nelson Nameplate now Nelson-Miller Inc. We can get the part but the min order qty is very large.

Hello laingwb, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I’m not able to find any specs from the part numbers offered. We may have some possible alternative options, but we will need the dimensions.

Here are the dimensions

The width 1-7/16 has the most constraint. We could go smaller but not much larger.

I’d buy a small (12"x12") sheet of 1/16" acrylic or polycarbonate (easier to cut and better impact resistance) and cut out a piece the right size myself.

Polycarbonate is about $4US from Grainger:

Acrylic is about $8US from Grainger: