FSC-BT981 vs FSC-BT986

I was recommended FSC-BT981 for a project. I need that for a project that uses BLE to receive instructions for values of either 0 or any variant greater than that. The values determine the amount of amps to send in a single wire (amps >= 0) to a * Jameco Part no.: 256365 (or similar) to cause it to vibrate at variable intensities or to cause it to not vibrate. I want to use that type of vibrating motor. I don’t want to use a coin shaped type of vibrating component.

Your post title appears to have nothing in common with the body of the post.
Do you have a question about the differences between the BT981 vs BT986?

In the body of the post you talk about a specific vibrating motor from Jameco and not a different style.
Do you have a question about the Jameco vibrating motor?

Hi Utili,

You can view the differences between the two modules from the manufacturers website:

Looks like we only carry the BT986 version though it is not in stock currenly. If you decided to go with the BT981 we would have to process a special order request.

Hi Paul,

I’m trying to figure out if I can use a BT986 instead of a BT981, which BT981 was recommended to me. I put in the body of my post what I am trying to do using the BT981 just to confirm that a BT986 would work just as well. I am a beginner. I was assuming or was hoping that I wouldn’t need a microcontroller for this project. I need take what the bluetooth receives to determine whether the vibrating component would vibrate or not, and what intensity to vibrate. If I have to use a microcontroller with my project then it wouldn’t make a difference whether I use the BT981 or BT986. Would either of those be able to instruct the vibrating component as I explained by themselves, or would I need to use a microcontroller in between the Bluetooth module and the vibrating component. I hope I explained this clearly. Did that make sense?

Thanks for the further information.

Based on the data sheets the FSC-BT986 is just a newer version with extra features so it should work fine in any FSC-BT981 application.

From a quick read it appears to me that both units require a seperate microcontroller.

The FSC-BT986 data sheet and programming guide are linked on the manufacturers page.

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Ok. I haven’t been able to find a seller I want to purchase the FSC-BT981 from. I’m not in a rush though. Thank you everyone for your comments and your help.