G-type DIN-Rail Adapter Top-hat Mount components

I almost exclusively use “top-hat” type DIN rail (DIN 3 rail, TS35), so I have plenty of components that are DIN rail mountable on that type of rail only.

An enclosure that I have already installed uses G-type rails (DIN 1 rail, TS32). I want to add components to it, but much of what I want to add is incompatible with that shape of rail. There is open space on the existing rail, but not space to add new rail.

I’m looking for a simple adapter that will let me mount top-hat style components on G-style rails. I find products for mounting non-DIN-rail-mountable components to any type of DIN rail, but not for mounting DIN-rail-mountable parts to another type of rail than they’re designed to mount to.

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Thank you for contacting DigiKey TechForum. We are looking into this for you and will let you know what we find out.

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Excellent question, pmccuen.

Lets’ take a look.

This is G-type:

This is top-hat:

I see your problem but am unable to locate a DigiKey solution. It pains me to do this, but here is a potential solution outside of DigiKey: G-type DIN-Rail Adapter Kit for Top-hat mount Instrument| Moore Industries (miinet.com)

I do thank you for this note and will pass this excellent idea to DigiKey’s product selection department.

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