Gate driver for sic mosfet 600 v

Is there a table which gate driver works for m5stack , rasbery pico , or arduino , for driving sic mosfet 600 v Thanks

I am not aware of a table that shows this.

its simple , each big company that produces gate drivers could make a simple list that their gate driver could be used with arduino this one , with m5 stack this one and it combines with this sic mosfet . i wrote to infineon , can their ice family of gate drives can they be used with raspberry pico and m5stack , no response !!

Unfortunately, the matter is not “simple”. In the context of devices such as this, there is no clear line between “works” and “doesn’t work”, or between “can be used with” and “can not be used with.”

That is the reason that product datasheets and suppliers’ terms and conditions contain statements like the one below, excerpted from this datasheet.


To be “technically trained” is to possess the ability to decide for oneself whether or not a particular product is suitable for one’s intended purposes, and also to understand that it is one’s own responsibility to make such decisions, rather than expecting another to do so.

anyway thanks , there is gen 3 sic mosfet from toshiba , works on 400 , 600 to 1200v , it goes with toshiba gate driver . which toshiba gate driver works with this mosfet for m5 stack , or rasbery pivo or arduino wether optical insulated gate driver or other . i wrote to toshiba no answer…


I do not see anything on the Toshiba web site that stats specifically they their drivers will work with m5 stack , or raspberry pivo or arduino wether optical insulated gate driver or other. Here is a link for their drivers you will have to look at the data sheets to see if any of them will work for you . General-Purpose Linear ICs | Products | Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation | Americas – United States
Here is a list of Sic Mosfets again I do not see any that state specifically they will work with m5 stack , or raspberry pivo or arduino wether optical insulated gate driver or other.,asc&cc=0d,1d,41d,3h,32h,45h,44h,33h,42h,4d,5d,6d,7d,8d,9d,10d,11d,12d,13d,14d,15d,16d,17d,18d,19d,43d,20d,21d,22d,23h,24d,25d,26d,27d,28d,34h,35h,36h,37h,38h,39h,40h&f[]=42|Power%20SiC%20MOSFETs

Thanks Craig

Craig , perhaps toshiba could answer to you , to me didn’t… anyway thanks for thorough gathering their products in one place and fw me