Selection of Gate Driver and Evaluation Board for preferred SiC MOSFET

Sir, I want to buy a Gate Driver and an Evaluation Board.

The selected MOSFET is IMW120R040M1H so please suggest the suitable Gate Driver and Evaluation Board with respect to this MOSFET.
I have attached the datasheet of the selected MOSFET for your reference.

Infineon-IMW120R040M1H-DataSheet-v01_30-EN.pdf (1.2 MB)

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. You can take a look at these options to see if one will suit your needs.

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Hello p22ee008,

Would you be willing to share information about your application? For example, voltage, nature of the load, and cost sensitivity would help to narrow down the options.

Until then, you may be interested in these document:

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P.S. For readers just starting out in this topic, may I recommend the IR2110 half-bridge driver. I’ve used in many classes. Students are able to breadboard low voltage (24 VDC) circuits. After gaining experience, they are able to move to higher voltage / power circuits.


Thank You APDahlen.

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Thanks Steve.