Low side gate driver

Hi, I am looking to select a low side gate driver for an application I have.

Signal being switched is:

  • 400V DC, high noise, 7 Amps maximum current
  • Gate control voltage 12V
  • Critically need overcurrent (EG short circuit) protection, with fault notification.
  • CMOS enable/control signals

Mosfet being driven is: STB43N65M5

Hi Robws,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately I was unable to locate anything that can handle 7A max that we have available for this at 400V or greater.

Hi kristoff,

Sorry to be clear the MOSFET is switching a 7 amp load, not the gate driver.

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IR2121, 1ED44173N01BXTSA1, and UCD7100 were the first few possibilities that surfaced for me.

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