Gate Driver for MOSFET



I am looking for a driver IC for these two MOSFET,
FDD7N20TMCT-ND and FQD7P20TMCT-ND. My logic is generated by CPLD which is 3.3V.

I am thinking to use MD1822K6-GCT-ND. Would these be fine for this MOSFET? Or Can you recommend any other gate driver?

Thank you, Appreciate your help!


Since the mosfets that you are looking at (FDD7N20TMCT-ND and FQD7P20TMCT-ND) have a Vgs(th) of 3.0(min) to 5.0(max) V and the Driver has an output on the MD1822K6-GCT-ND can vary from -5 to +5V they should be compatible parts.

Data sheets

md1822.pdf (227.7 KB)


Ok thanks, and the application circuit to get -5V to+5V, is the one mentioned on page 1?

I am asking this because Timing diagram of MD1822 page.5 shows 0 to 10V output.


It would be based off the example noted on page 1

As an example, the input logic levels may be 0 and 1.8V, the control logic may be powered by
+5.0 and -5.0V, and the output L and H levels may be varied anywhere over the range of -5.0 to +5.0V.

Your output High min would be Vss +2 and Max of Vdd
Your output Low min would be Vss and a Max of Vdd-4.0

These values are subject to the input values given. Absolute max is listed on the top of page 2. I believe the timing diagram would be using the 10V Vdd and 0V Vss as stated in the DC Electrical Characteristics on the bottom half of page 2.


Hi Robert,

That makes sense, Thanks for explaining, So to drive those MOSFET, I would need -5V to +5V logic,

I would connect +VDD and +VH to +5V supply and VL&VSS to -5V supply, it should work then.

Thank you once again for your help!


The Vgs on the Mosfets are 3-5V so anything in that range should turn them on. If you are running a 0-+5 Logic from the driver to your gate you should be fine.