Resistor and Diode across Gate to source



I am planning to use FQD7P20TMCT-ND and FDD7N20TMCT-ND. To Drive those MOSFET I am using MD1822K6-GCT-ND.

My Question is do I need to install diode and resistor across gate to source as shown in the below figure?

If so can you please recommend me a part according to MOSFET I am using?

Appreciate your help!
Thank you


This is just showing the application using the TC6320 Chip. Here is a link on the Digi-Key page. TC6320TG-GCT-ND

Here is the Functional Block Diagram from the data sheet.


Can you please let me know the gate to source diode (cutoff) and resistor value?



The values of the resistor and diode used in the example part TC6320 are referenced on pages 4 and 5 of the datasheet for the chip. Click here for the datasheet