Getting a quote to send to a purchasing department


After I upload the board files and fill in the board information, is there a way to generate
a quote and print it?
This quote will then be sent to a purchasing department to order the board.


Hello @jimmartz, thank you for your question.

At this time there isn’t a formal quote process for the configurators. Part of the issue is because the designs are ordered under a generic Digi-Key part number designator but yet the designs are very custom.

I have put in a request to our team to offer quotes for DKRed. In the meantime, if you need to provide a cost to your purchasing department, would a screenshot suffice? That would at least capture the PCB design, specs, pricing and lead time.

Otherwise I found too that I could add my PCB design to cart and click to be able to download it into a spreadsheet. The downside is that there isn’t a quote number to reference on this, and you would have to go through the same process again once you get accounting approval to order.

And the output spreadsheet looks like this:


Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately cost approval is only part of the problem for me.
It is fairly departmentalized here, I do not have the authorization/ability to make purchases,
it would need to be ordered by the purchasing department.
I need some kind of unique identifier for the person making that purchase to identify the board
that I entered into the DK system. Typically this is a unique quote number, but could be something else.
Could the person making the order use the WEB ID# on my cart, I would only put one board order
in a cart at a time, or I could add a “customer reference” number for a specific board.
Could this work, or is there a privacy issue with ordering an item from another persons cart?


If the cart was shared, the design may get lost as your purchaser resumes the sales ID to finish process the purchase.