Some suggestions for improving DKRed customer experience

I ordered a small sample set of evaluation DKRed boards 10 business days ago. I haven’t received the boards yet, and am unable to get any information about their status. It’s a bit unsettling to place an order for an item and get absolutely no feedback on its status. All I have had in the way of information is that I have placed and ordered for the boards. Two days ago, I tried using the website to contact the fabricator to request a status and estimated shipping date. I have not receive a response.

Yesterday I called customer support. I was told that the order was placed and that it appears that the sample boards were fabricated and should be shipped sometime soon and that I should see that on my orders page. I checked my order page this morning and nothing has changed. That’s a lot of time with no feedback.

I have been a customer for many years and this just isn’t the customer experience that I’m used to. I asked customer support if there was a way to provide suggestions and she recommended using the site. This appears to be the only way to do that.

So here are my suggestions:
1- Provide some notification preferably email stating that the order was accepted by the fabricator
2- Helpful but not essential; provide some feedback on anticipated completion date
3- Provide notification, preferably by email, when the boards have been completed and are being shipped with a tracking number.
4- If you are going to keep the order page as the only means of getting information; keep it updated and make sure your fabricator responds to inquires.


Hello @JohnN

Thank you for the feedback on our DKRed service. I have forwarded this feedback to our DKRed team to review.