silly question; on the product GUVCL-T21GH, in a T05-3 metal can, is the pinout view bottom or top view?![GUVCL-T21GH|249x249]


Hello @Pendejo55

This image should be looking from the top down. The Tab on the base can also be used for verification as it should be nearest to the Vcc and away from Vout .

For future reference, if you look very carefully at the lead pads shown in the drawing you will see that half of each circle is drawn as dashed line segments. That is standard drafting indication for a feature that is obscured by another portion of the item in the drawing. In drafting terminology the dashed lines are called hidden lines.

So on a bottom view drawing the circles would be just solid lines. If there was no window on the top view drawing the circles would be just dashed lines.

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