Hard wired USB power supply with USB C or MicroB

Hi, I’m curious if there is any power supplies on DK with hardwired AC input (i.e. open wire ends or with terminals) and a USB C or Micro B, which can be used to power a device from an outlet box rather than an outlet


Hello GlobTek-DR,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately I don’t see a simple cord that can be directly wired to this high of voltage. These will either have a power plug, or will be in box form of which the box will have USB receptacles in it from which are powered from a higher voltage like 24vdc or something similar, which some of these options are located here.

Leviton makes a line of USB power supplies that mount in standard outlet boxes and directly connect to mains wiring. USB Wall Outlets / Chargers – Leviton

Both of the standard USB charger end outlets (C & A) are available. Most configurations also include a duplex outlet for updating existing outlets but there are few models without the AC outlets, just the USB.

They are available from most everyone who sells standard house wiring components, e.g. Home Depot.

I overlooked that we already have a solution to this @ digikey, PR91A3000MSB-CIMRVB, https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/globtek-inc/PR91A3000MSB-CIMRVB/14318697.

This would be super ideal to power IoT devices which are built info homes or offices

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