Heater cartridge (Hotend) and pcb connector

I need a new heater cartridge for my 3d printer, along with the pcb connection.Can any identify these connections? Are there any alternatives if i can’t find the original?
(Edit) the original manufacture is TE.

Hello Sojatec Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Technical Forum. I am not aware we sell any 3D heater cartridges for 3D printers. Though we could check if you had a model number listed for the printer. We might be able to check what is listed for the cartridge used at that time. I did not see anything with the pins configured the way they are on the PCB. Usually they are side by side, but the other way . I do not find anything that looks like this picture. I tried the mate also and did not find that either. Though the pitch of pin spacing is not listed. This would be measured from the center of one pin to the center of the next one. Maybe that might help to narrow down the options . We can then check if it was missed as I looked at a lot of connectors to try to match it. Please provide the additional information and we can sure check again.


For the header take a look at TE part 280609-2

This would mate with housing 280590. This would require contacts depending on wire size.

Heater cartridge would likely be printer specific and you would need to share the printer information for that.

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@Robert_Fay Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t clear in what I needed.

I already have a new heater cartridge/hotend (slice engineering PT1000 50w/Slice mangum hotend). I just needed mate for the header, since I will use a different hotend for each material.

Will this contact work? https://www.digikey.com/short/tttdvzbh

The printer is Intamsys Funmat HT with a Duet 3 mainboard.

@ Sojatec,

That contact is designed to fit into the 280590, so as long as your wire is between 18-22 AWG, it should work.

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