Heating pad battery size

I’d like to heat the COM-11289 heating pad to approx. 150-160 degrees using lithium batteries keeping it as compact as possible. What size battery would you recommend to get the longest duration? I would like to maintain the 150-160 degrees for a couple hours. Thank you.


Thank you for your inquiry. The temperature isn’t listed on this part, but ideally you would need 5v @ 1,200mah capacity battery. I found some lower 3.7v battery options below, if these heat up the pad high enough for you then below options may be a good place to start, please review datasheets before ordering:


Thanks Ryan! Before I order the heating pad, a 114090053 18650(2) battery holder and (2) LI18650JL Protected batteries will there be an issue with overheating the pad or will I need a small variable speed controller? And…can you recommend a decent inexpensive battery charger? Thanks again,
Craig Decker

Hi again CAD,

It may overheat the heating pad since you will be sending more voltage to the pad than 5v. Below is an example regulator that may work for you, as you can adjust the voltage going to the pad. Also below are a few battery chargers, please verify if these will work for you:

Click here for adjustable regulator 1738-1293-ND

Click here for some various lithium ion chargers.