Help finding IC socket for part# ADP5062ACPZ-2-R7

Is there a through hole socket available for the mentioned IC? I thought I ordered the right one but clearly failed miserably :weary:

Please let me know, thank you!


Someone may find other results, but for the 0.5mm pitch on that IC, there are only a few sockets with the same mating pitch. I don’t see any with the same 4 x 5 configuration, though: [click here ].

If one’s looking for an “adapter” more so than a “socket” perhaps a PA0063 or 204-0016-01 would work. The latter supposedly are designed to make the soldering process easier, but having never used the brand I can’t vouch for that.

Thanks guys, much appreciated! Based on cost alone, I think I’ll just go with the adapter in this case.

What could I have done better when trying to filter product results? I may have given up too soon… possibly too focused on the LFCSP package.

Searching for “socket” probably would not have led to those adapters because IC sockets and breakout boards are in entirely different areas (categories) of the Digi-key site. “Adapter” might have brought you there if you looked through the “Top Categories” that appear after a keyword search from our main page.

Searching for “LFCSP” would not work well for this type of product search since adapters and sockets are often designed for a general type of package/case or an industry standard name whereas LFCSP is the manufacturer’s specific package/case name.

In this case, the product page for ADP5062ACPZ-2-R7 shows 20-WFQFN Exposed Pad, CSP as an industry standard under the “Package/Case” attribute [click here Product Page ] . Picking out “QFN” from that label as the basic type and searching for that from the home page might have shown both 'Adapter, Breakout Boards" and “Sockets for ICs, Transistors” in ‘Top Categories’ [click here QFN Search Result ].

Site familiarity is a factor, though. :wink: