Socket for 14-Lead LGA (5mm x 3mm) (cc-14-1)

Are there and sockets for SMDs with 14-Lead LGA (5mm x 3mm) (cc-14-1)? I’d rather not mount directly to surface mount pads as the devices will be inline and not near the rest of the electronics and boards.

Hello TomM,

I’m sorry, but Digi-Key does not have a socket, or an adapter board for the 14-LGA package.

OK, thanks for the reply. I sent a message to the manufacturer and asked the same question and also if maybe they make something functionally equivalent that has a pigtail or is made for attaching to wires rather than a board that would have the same number of pins and the pins would connect to the same pins on the board as the other SMD.

Hi TomM,

For an LGA you may need to use a ZIF test socket.
Could consider for example Autmwell A-LGA(QFN)-14-0.8-3*5
(No drawing on the website, you may need to contact them to ensure it is 2x6+2x1 type)
or Loranger 03719 141 6218A

heke, AsamaLab