I need help identifying this 4 pin connector

I’m looking for both the wire side and board side of this connector(Through hole right angle). The connector is 8.2mm wide by 2.5mm tall. I think the pitch is 1.7mm any help would be appreciated.

@ odiemar


The connector in the photo looks very similar to these 4-Position Receptacles, but I didn’t find a similar option with 1.7mm pitch (contact center to contact center). I tried the same search for receptacle housings, but with less promising results.

I also tried searching for the connector on the board side, but the 1.7mm pitch was exclusive there, too. Does the device and/or cable have a brand and model number that is searchable? That may or may not help, but it’s worth a try.

I was incorrect about the pitch. I used a different method for measuring and came up with 2mm. The device is a remote start and bypass module made by idatalink and its an ads-alca. The cable itself is always referred to as a d2d cable if that helps.

@ odiemar

I wasn’t able to confirm a match at 2mm. It’s similar to a few of these 2mm rectangular housings, but those don’t include contacts (sold separately). These may not fit the mating side, either. In some cases, customers are able to replace both sides because it’s often easier to find a new matching pair than to identify the original connector. I’m not sure if you could do that on that device, though.

I looked for online sources with search terms such as “D2D Cable ADS-ALCA Remote Start”, and I see products that might include that cable, but I couldn’t separate it from the larger kit. It might be available, somewhere.