Help finding the name of connector

Hello all! Im new here. I need some help finding the name of this conector on a 60v /3A charger of an electric tricycle, thanks!

Hello paulbotiria4, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I could not find a match to this connector. The closest match I found was 708-1342-ND,
but the center terminal is 90 degrees off, and it faces the same direction as the side terminals.
Maybe one of the engineers may have an idea, and can add to this post.

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Thack You for response but no . It will not work… the male connector has some guides and an iec c13 will not work… The middle pin its not important… only the side pins ar used …

That may well be a custom/semi custom connector. It looks as if somebody started with standard IEC320 tooling and modified it enough to assure incompatibility with the common item. It’d be a rather reasonable way to discourage use of unapproved charging equipment without breaking the bank.

On that basis I don’t think we’ll have any options to offer, and your options outside the OEM may be quite limited.

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Hi @paulbotirla4 ,
The light vehicle charging port connector type selection seems to be wildly scattered. Probably some global standardization work is needed there.
The name of this connector may be “A”. That’s all could find so far.
An adapter is available for purchase (select “Color: A”). Perhaps you can somehow utilize it.
Cheers, heke

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