Help Finding these component in digikey catalog

Hello and good day. I have difficulty to find these component. Go through google but not much i can get. Maybe someone have ever used or recognize these component. The package size is SOT563 with markin 93 10s

Tue Feb 16 08-32-44

Maybe dual transistor of mosfet…

Hello majdi and welcome to the forum, did you have any more context or info on this part? I fear that your marking alone won’t help me ID this.

Hello Michael_Rudi, i dont have any document about these component. It part of FuelTech 450 product. Which circuit to show led indicator either ignition coil signal working or not. I copy and draw back the circuit. Maybe it can show some idea.

Wed Feb 17 00-13-00

Wed Feb 17 00-13-13

Wed Feb 17 00-13-22

Ok i got it…