Help identify hybrid oscillator from amplifier inside Morel subwoofer

Any chance someone have an idea how to identify this hybrid oscillator from amplifier inside Morel subwoofer (PSW 10) ?
Last image (with the circle) is the place it was on the board.
No number or writing of any kind on it…

Based on the PCB photo I believe that is a custom made switching power supply control module. I suspect the only way to get a replacement is to contact the subwoofer manufacturer.

I have been searching for any schematics or documents for this subwoofer and cannot find any info on this part , I believe this is a proprietary part made for the OEM and that you will have to contact them to get a replacement .

@PaulHutch @Craig_2048
Thank you.
Unfortunately Morel doesn’t offer information on these parts and only agrees to sell a completely new amplifier (the entire PCB and related parts).
Any chance to figure out who is the Chinese maker and maybe they will be OK selling only this part?

P.S. I assume the same part is also inside the smaller subwoofer from Morel (PSW 8).

Sadly I believe this is just another example of non-user repairable electronics.