Identifying the part

can any one help me identifying this burnt part? i need to order but cant see the part number!

Hi @Microsoldering, welcome to the forum. I believe that’s a 32.768 kHz RTC Crystal, can you take another pictures or help id the (NXP) PF85xyz? part next to it? That way we can better prove the Crystal parameters.


Thank you so much for reply. here it is.

and it does look like its damaged right?

Maybe? the board looks bad too…

That’s a KDS branded crystal (we don’t stock KDS) it is a 32,768 kHz quartz crystal, as the PCF85163 requires that.

Here is the manual:

Page 10 lists the options:

Here are some options, please measure your Crystal and find a similar size:


Hi Robert,

Based on the first look at the picture, it seems that the PCB near the crystal is burned (due to a high current through a via?), so the crystal may be all right and the cause of the trouble is elsewhere (the part that is the origin of the high current).



I would also look at all the circuit board traces that go right through the burned/damaged section. All the traces have to be good for the device to work properly.

Thank you so much, i deeply appreciate it.