Help identify IC

Hi! We are trying to identify the following component. It is key to understand the functionality of the humidity sensor we are analyzing. Does anyone have an idea what is the component shown on the image? Thanks in advance

Accurate dimensions might help identify this. If it’s a SOT-353 it could be a 74LVC1G86GW. If it’s an SC70-5 it might be a LD6922GC-15. If it’s a SOT23-5 it could be an MC74VHC1GT00DT or an R3111N581B. The dimensions of the package would help narrow the suspects. :grinning:


Hi Gromit! Many thanks for your answer. The package dimensions are like 3 mm long and 1 mm wide. I will also connect some cables to the pins of the IC and monitor them with an oscilloscope. I will share with you the result as soon as I have it :slight_smile:

Hi! These are the oscilloscope captures:

Any help to find out the function of the component would be appreciated

Hi, rodolfen! Based on what you’ve said so far and keeping in mind the device markings, I’m thinking that 1727-6083-1-ND (74LVC1G86GW as mentioned by Gromit) is our most likely candidate.

This is closer to 2mm in length, however I’m inclined to go with this one because all of the packages with a length of around 3mm or more had a different marking format than the part in your photo. Essentially, we have a number of potential matches with a “VH” mark on them, but the part I’m recommending was one of the few that didn’t have additional letter codes, such as a third or fourth digit added for date or assembly location codes.

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Many thanks, @chris_groom! I think you are totally right that the component you and @Gromit suggest is the one we have on the PCB. Again, thanks to both of you! :slight_smile:

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