Help identify triaxial connector

Hello. I’m trying to connect to an amplifier powering a linear vibration table. (Amp is an LDS PA1000L, and the shaker is an LDS V722). A picture of the connector is attached. The manual for the amp states the manufacturer used to sell “triax-BNC” adapter cables, but they don’t support this system anymore, and they can’t help me with the specs. I need to connect to a standard BNC coax connector on a signal generator. Apparently the original adapter cable had an outer braid flying lead that was supposed to be connected to the signal generator’s chassis ground (makes sense).

I’d love suggestions on the proper components to purchase to make my own adapter cable (BTW, I have stuff to make BNC coax terminations: I’m more concerned with the triax connector and cable.)


Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well It looks like this part number from the face of the connector: 501-1621-ND on this link:

This one is not a panel mount. Though I liked it showed the face of the part. We do have male cables on this link: Coaxial Cables (RF) | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

If you do need mating female options I only find the connectors on this link:

Coaxial Connector (RF) Assemblies | Coaxial Connectors (RF) | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

You can review the choices to see if something might work for you.

Hello. Thanks for the reply. It looks like the parts you linked to won’t fit, since they include a locking feature. If you look at the photo from the original post, you’ll notice that it is a push-pull style connector with no locking.

Unfortuately this is what I can find. Others monitor the Tech Forum so they might have a better idea. Sorry. This would be as close as I can see.

There are a few items among these which appear similar and might be worth looking at.

Thank you! I’ll take a look.