Triax to coax adapter


I used the following adapter (ADBJ20-E1-PL75) with a 4145A HP semiconductor analyzer and a probe station. I am facing the following issue: I connect the SMA to coax cable with this adapter and then I apply a voltage to this SMU. The measured current of this SMU is short circuited, without even connected to the probe station. Could you please give any advice why is this happening and probably to suggest a solution?



I am sorry to say that I am not following.
The ADBJ20-E1-PL75 is listed as a BNC to TRB adapter.
Also to verify, what is SMU short hand for in this instance?

Hello Nathan,

Thank you for your response. The SMU is the Source Measure Unit of the semiconductor analyzer. The semiconductor analyzer has a triax SMU connection. However, the probe station is using a SMA to ΒNC cable. In order to use this probe station with the semiconductor analyzer I ordered this adapter. I am not sure if this works or if I had to order a different adapter.


Please note that the adapter series in question is available with a half-dozen different internal connections. How exactly your test equipment makes use of the three conductors present on each triaxial connector is not immediately obvious to me, but it would seem that an inappropriate connection here would be a likely cause of such issue.

Note also the potential for unforeseen connections to occur as a consequence of connection to the AC mains ground via device chassis, and also the possibility of an equipment fault or error in configuration.