RF test cables for Go-No Go testing


Working on testing of product on the RF bench can cause you to have many varieties of cables on hand. N to N type, BNC to N Type, BNC to SMA type and the list goes on.
So many times we only need to do some quick and simple testing (go/no-go) and we don’t need to grab our expensive precision cables.

For this type of testing I keep a few 4 foot BNC to BNC test cables in arms reach on the bench, such as the cables built in the Homemade Coaxial Jumper Cables post, or a similar part like 501-1019-ND.
Then I have an assortment of BNC female to “various style” adapters.
These are simply placed on the end of the BNC cable to make up whatever configuration I need.
Here are some of the adapters we carry which would work with these cables:

BNC female to N-Male J10100-ND
BNC female to N-Female ACX1358-ND
BNC female to UHF Male CPAD500-ND
BNC female to UHF Female ACX2051-ND
BNC female to TNC Male 367-1185-ND
BNC female to TNC Female ACX1379-ND
BNC female to SMA Male J10098-ND
BNC female to SMA Female J10097-ND
BNC female to Mini UHF Male 991-1074-ND

Since the connection to the cable is BNC, it is quick and easy to change out as need be for basic go/no-go testing.

Digi-Key also sells many Coaxial Adapter Kits, however I usually find in speaking with my customers that the kits have more adaters than needed and are not as friendly to use a a single BNC cable with easily changable BNC adapters.