Help Identifying a component in a RF circuit (Pictures and X-Rays of internal structures attached.)


Working on an RF circuit here with a blown component. Never seen a component like this prior in this type of circuit. The good component measures 1.8kohms while the blown one is well in the mOhms. Internal structure is a bit odd. It may be some type of spark gap or resistor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Haven’t spent a great deal of time looking at X-rays, but it looks to me like a person might have some sort of platen on the bottom cap, with a u-shaped bond wire going to the other. Semiconductor device of some flavor would be my guess. How were the mentioned measurements made? Diodes can pretend to be resistors depending on how one connects the test leads…

Having a look at the surrounding and connecting components might offer some clues-drawing out a schematic view can make “what would fit here” a more intuitive question to answer.

Hi tcrscircuit,

As Rick anticipated this device is most likely a limiting diode used for protecting receivers.
The package is “Pill Pack”. Hard to tell who is maker and what is the device ID.
The dot may suggest polarity, i.e. is a single diode device (not a pair).

Heke, AsamaLab

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