Help Identifying a connector

I need the mate to this connector. There are no #'s on it. It’s 16-18 gauge wire with the narrow spade terminals.

Thank you very much for your help.

![Resized_20230831_121912|375x500](upload://i6XYY4e5sjFsT8TFMvMXOkup9av.jpeg) ![Resized_20230831_121405|666x500](upload://x51s4Fhs27kpvfvEq3Jg4eIbYvo.jpeg) ![Resized_20230831_121635|375x500](upload://aA3y68osENri7TJReQpA7jGpRlE.jpeg) ![Resized_20230831_121714|375x500](upload://Z1FHyxSxieMdbXQibwG8QM1pKY.jpeg)

I searched our system for a 2 position blade connector, with a center contact spacing of about 7/32", and we do not have a match that looks like it will plug into that connector.

Any Idea how I can figure this out?

Any idea how I can figure this out?

My suggestion is try to locate a datasheet for the led they may have the connector listed or just the series of the connector, it just looks like a part we do not carry.

You can try contacting the manufacture of the light. If you have a manual, it may have information on the connector.

Ok, thank you.