Laser 3 pin connector ID help

I recently received a laser controller from Onefive Origami O-10LP. Ive struggled so far to find an exact connector since the manufactirer has long since been liquidated it seems a d is now carried by NKT photonics at least. Ive ràn into many dead ends isearching for an online manual or schmeatic and have reached out to NKT amd still nothing. Any help to direct me would be greatly appreciated.
The dimensions of connector in the picture :
Length- 17mm
Pitch from center-4.5mm
Height- 9mm
Power rating-24v 5A

Hello JonnyLaser - welcome to the Forum community. What does the mating side of your connector look like? Would you be able to post a photo of that?

I dont have the male end of the plug which is why im searching. This is the only component i need to operate and intend not to swap the female socket from the board as well. If i could at least identify tthe correct series type of connector this is, i might find it alot easier


Sometimes it’s easier to find the one in the picture first, and then the mate.
I found a possible match to the connector in the picture. A25429-ND has a 5.08mm pitch spacing, and is a Commercial MATE-N-LOK connector.
So a possible plug for this connector is A1429-ND, and you can CLICK HERE for the available contacts.
Please check the datasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

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Thank you so much! So far im reading through the datasheet and youve put me on the right track. I still would prefer to confirm if could find this laser controller schematic somewhere but alas this is the type of profile i had trouble searching for with so many similar but not exact.

Also, I see the connector A1429-ND also has a rib on top, that will match up with the notch in the panel. If the 5.08mm spacing will match up, it may be the right connector.