Help identifying transistor

Hi. The photo is from a xtar lion battery charger. It has blown 2 or 3 of these smd transistors or mosfets: D14KM. Can anyone identify the part?


I could not verify this part number for you .

Hi, did you ever find the component? I have the same issue with an Xtar VC8 2 blown components labelled D14KG.
It should be a simple fix but I can’t find them listed anywhere?

Hello guyjrussell, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
We were unable to find this part for Ononos, but maybe he can add to the post, if he found a solution.

Hi @guyjrussell,

In some forums this part is identified as DTS2314.
As it is used as a switching device, any N-MOSFET with aligning specs is likely to fit,
such as this:

Cheers, heke

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