Help Wanted: Splicing 32 Gauge Wire

I have a load cell with four (4) 32GA wires that need to connect to 18GA wires and the splice needs to be somewhat watertight (chance of water splashing, but not submerged).

I tried to make a simple soldered and heat-shrink tubed splice but I managed to rip the 32GA wires where they come out of the load cell from handling the 18GA wires (likely too much strain from pulling), which made the load cell unusable/unrepairable with no leads coming out of the load cell.

As to not repeat the same thing, I am thinking that the splice/connection point to the 18GA wires have to be fixed as to not put any strain on the 32 GA wires. For this, I’m thinking a watertight mountable terminal block or connector. I can splice the 32GA wire to short length of 24GA wire or something before the splice/connector as well.

If you have a terminal block or connector suggestion or have a better idea to do this, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @bananajun,

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I wasnt able to locate a splice for this application. We do have a product called Sugru SUGRU Pimoroni Ltd | Glue, Adhesives, Applicators ( You should be able to solder the wires together then put the Sugru material over the solder connection. Please look over the datasheet Microsoft Word - pimoroni ( and see if this product might work for the application.

There are some videos here Sugru - YouTube on using the product.