Wanting very short (~0.25 inch) 30 AWG pre-made jumper wires

Pre-stripped and solder tinned for use in SMT rework on fine pitch PCBs. With Kynar insulation, or something else that won’t melt from a soldering iron. Cutting and stripping wires that small is very difficult and time consuming. Longer wires is easy in comparison.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.


Hello eJohnson, You might use a solid wire if stripping is an issue, CN562L-25-ND has a decent temperature cap at 105 C.

A few other options with similar requirements, please review datasheets before ordering:
Click here for Jumper Kits
Click here for non-insulated 932SV005-ND

That 932SV005-ND looks like an excellent partial solution. If I can find insulating & flexible sleeve or tubing to slip over that, then I can make short little jumper wires from it. I do like also that it’s 32 AWG and already tinned. Nice suggestion, thanks!

Hi ejohnson,
Thanks for your reply.
484-X4-0.6-0-SP-1-ND may be a good fit, please review datasheet informaton as it looks like the best option we currently have in stock. It should self-shrink when soldered and also happens to be heat/flame retardant.

You may also find one of below thermal wire-strippers very valuable for short insulated wires:
Click here for thermal wire stripper PTS-10-B-ND
Click here for thermal wire stripper PTS-10-ND