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I am looking for this item. 1” long 5/8” diameter 2 or 3 pin with 18” 16ga wire

Hi Brian, welcome to TechForum. Can you be more specific about what the part is? What is the type of part and the function? Please share more information on what it does and what it is used for and we can search for possible replacements. Glenda

Thanks Glenda,

This part is typical of a boat light pole for nav lights. It is 12v dc. 2 or 3 pin would be ideal as I may use 3 eventually. Need about 18” of wire if available assembled. May be either solder or crimp.

It’s made of plastic and does have a slight flange at the female pin end. That’s not absolutely necessary.

It’s 1” long. 15/16” diameter at the female pin end. The diameter is approximately 5/8” after the 1/16” female pin end and the larger part is about 1/16 wide.

This is typical of marine light poles used primarily on 26’ and under for nav lights.

Hope I clarified.

Hi Brian, I am sorry, I do not find that we carry anything like that. I searched thru our cable assemblies and our connectors, and did not find anything close. Glenda

Ty Glenda…

I Amy have to make them :joy:

I found these…bout $0.36 cents to make if I could pour!!

I am sure you have pins for that right?

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We do not carry that manufacture of parts, so we would not carry the pins for it. Glenda