Help me figure out if I received a broken part or ordered the wrong part

Hi DigiKey team, I just ordered this part CA761KS07984 Switchcraft Inc. | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey but when I try to connect it to the female component, I can’t get it to catch the thread. I recorded a video to demonstrate the issue and shared it via my Dropbox. I accidentally ended it too soon as I was asking if I ordered the wrong part or if the part is defective.

The thread on this is 7/16 - 32 thread.

Do you have a part number of what this is mating to for comparison?

The datasheet for the Switchcraft cable you purchased has other threaded series from Switchcraft with 5/16-32 thread. I’m wondering if that might be the thread size of your barrel jack.

Hi @the-real-droop ,

Agreeing with Kristof_2649, looks like you need a smaller lock ring, and one that is not floating. A floating lock ring is what provides all that play.

Both 2.1mm x 5.5mm and 2.5mm x 5.5mm are popular barrel sizes, you will need to verify which size you have. If you can fit a pen head inside of the plug hole then it is 2.5mm inner diameter (I.D.) This Post will provide further info.

If it is indeed a 2.5mm I.D. plug:
839-1010-ND might be a good 7/16 - 32 option.
1939-1880-ND | 1939-1889-ND would be my second guess although they do not provide thread details.