3.5mm threaded plug

I could use a little help. I don’t have a picture because it is missing, but I need a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It can be three or four sleeve, but it is for a police radio and it is threaded at the top of the last sleeve. It is a male thread that screws into the female Jack on the radio. I can’t believe it is this hard to find but I am having no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


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I have reviewed your question. I am not 100% clear on what it is you are looking for. It sounds like you are looking for a 3.5mm Jack. this would be the female side of the connection. It sounds like there are three contacts. If it is a police radio that would make sense that you would have mono audio, a mic, and a ground connection. The final requirement is what confuses me most. I suspect that it is just terminology but for now I will show you options that mount in a panel. The threaded outside of the jack poke out and a nut will secure it.


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Please correct anything I am not understanding correctly!


I think I understand now. You need a jack for a connector that will allow a connector like this to plug into it.

I have to apologize but I was unable to find either side of this mating pair in our system. I did find it the other way if you are interested.

Here is an example:





I hope this helps!

Actually I need the connector that you have picture. The male connector that is threaded on the end. Thanks

Looks like that was a picture that Aaron found on-line, and it is not something that we in our system.
So I’m sorry, but we will not have this male connector with the threads, like the picture.

Thank you David. You are correct. While I was able to find a picture of it online, it is not something that we carry. We will not be able to provide this.

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I appreciate you looking for me! I’m going to find this thing somewhere

I do wish you luck in your search. Thank you for checking with us. Hopefully next time we will have what you need!