Need longer threads for headphones 3.5mm connector

Need a 3.5 mm connector from Music Center to headphones. It needs to be normally closed, until jack is inserted. It also needs to have threads that are .5 inches long (to accommodate .25 inch wood paneling in a travel trailer).

Thank you for the request to Digi-Key’s Technical forum. We do not offer a barrel connector like this with 0.5 inch threads. Below is a link to the parts we do offer.

I’m looking at a hand soldered connector. P/N SJ-63023H looks to be exactly what I need, but it’s 6.35mm. I need it to be 3.5mm. Can you help source this?

This would be the short list if use of a mounting flange is an option.

Hi @rcbbomke,

I think you’re going to have a hard time finding a 3.5mm jack with such long threads. I know this isn’t ideal, but have you considered using the SJ-63023H and then putting an adapter into that jack?

For instance, the 102-4809-ND?

Alternative would be to counter-sink a hole of appropriate size on back of your panel to allow one of the 3.5mm jacks to be closer to the front of panel.

I have a travel trailer. The entertainment center does not have a headphone jack. I need to install one through a 1/4" wall panel. I plan to connect my overhead speaker wire to it. When a headphone plug is not inserted, the speakers work. When a headphone plug IS inserted, I need the speakers to not work. My plan is to hand solder the jack to the speaker wires. Can you source me the right jack/connector?

That would work. I’m using a blue tooth splitter (for two wireless headphones). The connector would not be seen, because it’s behind the tv.


I would be a little concerned if you are tapping directly into the speaker wires. Those are meant for much higher power levels than headphone signals. Unless you have it set to very low volume (nearly zero) you run the risk of overloading the input to your headphone-level interface.