Choosing the correct barrel connector

I am looking for a 1/4" mono, panel, barrel connector that is switched (it is normally closed, like a headphone jack) and would like the wiring connection from behind. I am using it for a low wattage audio speaker connector that will turn off the internal speaker and use an external speaker when the plug is inserted. I see several Switchcraft items I can choose from (N112APCX-ND, SC1316-ND, SC1809-ND, SC2014-ND, SC1849-ND, SC1122-ND, SC1089-ND, SC1851-ND, SC2776-ND, SC2015-ND, and SC1093-ND). Which one should do I go with?

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Any of these connectors should work. It comes down to customer preference.

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  1. Stereo or mono?

  2. Is that an external speaker, or do you plan on using headphones? The reason I ask is that some application will insert series resistance into the circuit to limit the voltage to the headphones. If that is your intention, you may prefer devices such as the SC1093 you mentioned (schematic below).

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Schematic of a Switchcraft 1/4 inch headphone jack that would allow series resistance to be inserted for headphone use.

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As I mentioned above, it is a mono jack, and I simply want to switch from an internal speaker to an external speaker when inserting the plug. Since I am not using it for a stereo connection nor for a headphone, does that narrow the choices from what I listed? I don’t want to order the wrong one.

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Best to ask before the purchase.

@Becky_1523 is correct. It is a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I prefer the classic open frame connectors so that I can see the internal workings. It helps to better understand how to make the physical connections. The ability to see the connector’s tip spring and the associated normally closed switch is a bonus.

Silly story: One of my earliest electronics experiences involves one of these switchable connectors. For Christmas I had received a little Heathkit radio. I followed the instructions, and everything worked. Yet, when I installed the BCB into the enclosure it failed. Turns out the wire had pushed against the headphone jack opening the normally closed switch disabling the speaker.




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Agreeing with above replies, it looks like the options you have compiled based on our website parameters all show mono with an internal switch so it appears all options would work. Just wanted to point out what you are needing specifically from a schematic point of view, is a “Tip Closed Circuit” like the basic schematic below. Although there are more complex iterations of this, Tip Closed Circuit would be the basic requirement needed in your particular design.

As a side-note; selecting a stereo jack with internal switch could work also in your mono switched application as long as it features a “Tip Closed Circuit” as mentioned above, and not “Tip Open Circuit and Ring Closed Circuit” like below. Verifying the datasheet schematic is the only way to verify what contacts contain the switch, however in a mono application like yours, verification is typically unneeded.

datasheet -


Hi djsteve87,

The SC1089-ND (Switchcraft part number 12A) seems to be a simple straight forward single tip-closed circuit type.


It’s rated for up to 25V and 1A.

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