hi guys i need a part the markings on it is like this

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I am sorry to inform you that I could not find any information on those part markings.

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Please provide additional information about this semiconductor so that we can better assist you to locate a replacement or substitution.

A picture of the semiconductor installed on the circuit board would be especially useful as gives contextual clues about the function and physical packaging. This is important as there are often several different semiconductors with similar marking. For example, this device fits the B160 markings. Unfortunately, I have low personal confidence that this is what you are looking for:

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thx for help my part is next 330 .
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For the chip with the marking,

I found the 505-LTC4120EUD-4.2#PBF-ND, with does have the LGHB as a device mark.
LTC4120EUD-4.2#PBF Analog Devices Inc. | Integrated Circuits (ICs) | DigiKey

For the 330 item it looks to be an inductor. 330 can be 33ยตH.
With out dimensions I cannot narrow down further.
Click here to view the items I had found.

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