High Bay Wire Connector

I’m looking for a high bay wire connector with these specifications:

UL listed
Accepts two cables in and one output
The two input cables have diameters of: #1 OD of 0.25" or 6.4mm, #2 OD of 0.375” or 9.5mm.
Output OD is 0.470” or 12mm.
Rated for 347V min
2 amps min
Does not need to additionally enclosed.
Internal conductor terminals must be compatible with 20 to 18 gauge stranded wire.
IP 65+ nice to have.

Let me know what products of yours could fit these specifications. Thanks!

Hello true.becker,

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Can you please describe what you’re looking to do in this application? Is this a mux application, or simply power from two sources going to a single high bay lighting module? Are you working with a particular plug/socket, or is it more of a splice type component that you’re looking for? Any pictures you have to share may be quite helpful as well.

It is not a mux application- We have one wire with 5 conductors supplying power that we’d like to split into one wire with 3 conductors and one wire with 2 conductors. There is no current plug or socket, and it is not enclosed. Attached is a picture of a temporary solution that didn’t work because the strain reliefs were the wrong size.


The closest I can find for the two conductor in stock is 3220-902002SL001-DS-ND on this link:

This part is sold by the foot so if you order one, you would get one foot. You can jsut list how many feet you want.

You can look at 89053.35.01 on this link : https://www.digikey.com/short/db700d5m

This one is sold in multiple lengths listed. These are the closest options I can find.

Thank you for your help, but I am looking for a wire connector and not a wire

That plug and receptcle style almost looks like a terminal block. The backshell isn’t somthing I would have for that family/catalog of parts.

Got any more info on that plug solution shown there?

Yes, it is a Wago 770-125 and 770-135 connector.

I’d point out that there are alternate strain relief housings available for that connector series. P/Ns 770-515/023-000 and 770-505/023-000 have 2 cable entries designed for 5~9mm cable diameter, 770-515/021-000 and 770-505/021-000 should be for single cable of 11.5~16.5mm diameter.

What exactly is meant by “rated” here? 347 is a strange number, compared to the more rounded figures typical of IEC & UL ratings.

To find this in a connector allowing for multiple cable entries would be unusual.


Thank you, I have requested some of those other products from Wago. Good to know that IP65 is unlikely.

Hi again everyone,
So Wago’s products aren’t UL listed, and we need a solution that is UL listed. Does anyone know of a solution that would be a UL listed connector?

They aren’t “listed” because they are a component product, and a UL “listing” is a term that typically applies to finished goods.

They generally are UL “recognized” components where applicable however, as indicated on page 3 of the datasheets linked above.