Hole drill errors with Altium

Good afternoon,
I have a relatively simple board that I did with Altium designer. Most of the holes came out properly except the top two. My son utilizes Ki-Cad so I made note as to the files it generates for the zip upload. Altium output a .drl file however Ki-Cad outputs plated and non-plated files. I was looking for a files list for Altium but could not find any listed. I plan to use DK-Red for work also - but I need to understand what I am doing incorrectly before I start getting unusable boards for work. Thank you for your time.

Hello @drutter3055,

Do you have your salesorder number so I can view your files? Should be an 8 digit number that starts with 7.

Admin Note: Please send the sales order in a private message by clicking on the Employees name.


Good morning,

The lady I spoke with yesterday looked it up for me and she said that the order number was ******** (removed by admin).

Dave Rutter