How create boot/shield around 50-01005

Does anybody know if this kind of M8 5P solder cup connector is “slippable” into a COTS boot/shielded sheath for harness…or do I have to cobble something together. Any help would be great, thanks. Was hoping Tensility would offer such a thing with their connector.

also…what is that little hole on the back for?

Hi andy.violette,

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I can’t say for sure if it is “slippable” into a COTS boot/shielded sheath. I can say that it does not have a COTS rating and that it is designed specifically for over-molding type cable assemblies. Regarding that hole, my only guess would be that it might allow for some flow during the over-molding process, which may help support a better fit.

If you don’t have over-molding capability, you might consider some of our pre-assembled M8 cable assemblies to see if one of those might work for you.

Thanks very much David, I’m checking these out now! - -Very helpful!!

I’m confused, I’ve only ever seen that acronym used to mean “commercial off the shelf” which isn’t a type of characteristic that is rated.

Does COTS stand for something else in this case?

No, Paul, you are correct. The term does technically just mean “commercial off the shelf”. It’s just that when I see the term used, it is usually associated with higher-end, military style, highly tested parts, but which don’t necessarily come with the thorough paperwork often required for space and mil applications, which make them significantly less expensive than those that do.