Mill-Max Connectors - Soldering cables and right bayonet fitting

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with a query I have about Mill-Max connectors. I’m trying to find out how the Mill-Max spring-loaded Omniball connectors 845-22-010-10-011101 can be connected to electrical cables. Is there a version which allows soldering cables to it, or can this be generally done? How is it intended to be used?

Also, can the 845-22-010-10-011101 be used for both device components to connect to each other in a bayonet fitting? If so, that would be great. Otherwise, which product would be better suited?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s designed to be mounted to a PCB, generally a test fixture PCB. They offer it in through hole and surface mount.

Quick look didn’t find me anything designed for use on a cable.

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Like Paul mentioned, part 54-845-22-010-10-011101-ND is a board mount style. Take a look at these solder cup style options to see if you can use one like that.

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