How to add pins to a PIR sensor

Hello Scheme it forum,

Have viewed the tutorials but have some questions.

Working on a circuit that uses a PIR to turn LEDs.
Does not seem to be a schematic symbol for
a PIR, HC-SR501.
So went to Build a symbol. When that is click on
a new screen appears titled ‘Symbol Editor’
but there are no controls available.

So I tried Symbol Editor v2.0. The link
seems to be broken. It does nothing.
(The Open Design Starters does work.)

So a new project was started and at Custom Symbols in nav bar
on left: Custom Symbols > Symbol Primtives
I drug a Part Body Rectangle on to Workspace
Three pins were put on the rectangle, V+, Grnd and Signal out.
This a fairly decent represemtation of a PIR.

In Part Properties on the right naming the
Symbol was attempted. In the text box
labeled RefDes the text ‘PIR1’ was input
nut when the textbox is left it goes back
to the default value ‘U?’

Would like to change the pin designations to
V+, Grnd and Signal out from Pin1, Pin2 and
Pin 3 but while the Font Properties allows
the text display to be changed the Object
Properties does not make a change to the
‘Pin1’ text available.


Allen Pitts
Dallas, Texas

Hi Allen,
When trying to use Symbol Editor V2.0 where you logged in?

Not sure if you have flexibility in the circuit design, but you could also check out 1568-1598-ND

There is an existing Scheme-it symbol for it.

Hello Cody,

Digikey home page > Resources Tools > Scheme it > Start here >
Open > My Files

Does it make a difference?


Allen Pitts

We are not aware of any issues with the Symbol Editor v2.0 not working as you described. I want to confirm that you are able to open the tool. Can you share which web browser you are using?

The Symbol Editor v2.0 will not open without being logged in. You should get a pop-up asking you to login when clicking the link if you aren’t logged in already.
Login is required so you are able to save the custom symbols to your account.

Hello Cody and Mikew,

The key to getting the controls to work was to login to DigiKey before
going to the Scheme it tool.

Took a fair amount of trial and error but I did complete the PIR Tester
Schematic, attached herewith



Allen in Dallas

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