How to choose between a classical FPGA and FPGA/SOC

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working on a new hardware design based on an FPGA. My project require an Ethernet communication and at this point I’m lost regarding the choice of the FPGA. I’m hesitating between a classical FPGA or an FPGA with an integrated SOC. Could you please help me?
I have several questions:

  • What is the advantages and the disadvantages of FPGA/SOC ?
  • What is the time of synthesis / compilation?
  • Can we just use the FPGA or the SOC independently of each other?
  • What is the difficulty to use FPGA/SOC?
  • An ethernet Ip in a classical FPGA is it enough or I really need an FPGA/SOC ?

I’m waiting your feedback. Thank a lot.

please take a look at this article:
Using FPGA SoCs for Real-Time Systems | DigiKey
from Jeff Shepard

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let me add a full presentation:

Why put a RISC-V Processor in a FPGA – Microchip Differentiation with PolarFire® FPGA/SoC