How to connect CXA-M10M-L to my scanner

Good morning. I purchased the above referenced item an need help with where to solder connections to my Scanmaker 9800 flatbed scanner input and output connectors. The item I received is different than the one in my instructions and I don’t want to screw it up. Thanks!

Hello, Pduncker. Welcome to TechForum.

The datasheet for your inverter can be found here: CXA-M10A-L, M10L-L, M10M-L.pdf (

At the bottom of page 1 it gives a pinout for the part’s I/O pins. These should be marked on the body of the inverter somewhere. Unfortunately I do not know what the wiring requirements of your particular scanner are, but if the scanner references Vhigh, Vlow, and other common in/out lines, you should be able to match pinout to pinout.

Hi Matt-

Thanks for your prompt response. I had already seen the data sheet, which matches the diagram I have for how to solder this replacement inverter (attached.) The problem is, the one I was shipped does not match either the diagram or the data sheet, though it has the same model number, CXA-M10M-L.

I think I’ve got it figured out, but if you could take a look at the attached photos and check my assumptions it would be greatly appreciated.

<IMG_4571 2.jpeg>

Here’s the diagram I have, which matches the data sheet.

IMG_4572 2.jpeg

Here’s the top side of what I was shipped.

Here’s the bottom side (left side of this is left side of image above.)

IMG_4573 2.jpeg

My assumption is that the left side corresponds with the 2 wire Input plug in the diagram,

and the right side corresponds with the 3 wire Output plug in the diagram - correct?

The output plug in the diagram actually has 4 pins (as does mine,) but two are3 connected to the same wire.

Soldering the wires coming from my plug to the long projecting pins will be relatively easy, but getting a wire soldered to the little “dot” in the center right (next to the C) will prove trickier.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Paul Duncker/ HandsOn Design


I am not able to see the actual pictures. I am not sure why. They are not opening for me.

Yeah, I couldn’t see them either. Let’s try it this way: same order as in last email.

Paul Duncker/ HandsOn Design

Yes. Per teh data sheet that appears to be correct.